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Welcome to the newest guide to roulette online! Here you can find all the knowledge and knowhow that you need in order to make the most of your online gambling adventures. Today the selection of different online casinos and different venues for playing live roulette is wider than it has ever been before. While that is a big advantage for every online player in the UK, it also means that there are suddenly a lot of decisions that need to be taken. First and foremost regarding where to play live roulette. There are a lot of really good online casinos with high quality live roulette that you can play on. But at the same time there are unfortunately some bad online casinos that you don’t want to end up playing at. Therefore our aim is to make sure that you and other players are able to navigate safely through the vast jungle of online casinos and find the right place to play live roulette. So if you want to make the right choice and safe yourself from the hassle and trouble that you otherwise might encounter this is the live roulette guide for you. But how do you use the guide? We are going to explain exactly that now.

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The devil is in the detail as the saying goes, and nowhere is that more true than when it comes to online casinos. We and other players and have often experienced that our initial thought of an online casino and how it actually were was completely wrong. A great design can be deceiving if the online casino is actually bad to play at when it comes to the games and live roulette options. On the other hand then an online casino with a boring or ugly design may be a positive experience if you actually try it out. However, we are more than aware that people are busy and don’t want to try out several casinos if they can get it right the first time. Therefore we have done the dirty work for you and tried almost all of the online casinos that provide live roulette.

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This live roulette guide is free to use and there are no strings attached. We are not an online casino and that is an important note to make. That means that we can serve the purpose of an objective outsider when it comes to reviewing the different online casino sites. The online casinos cannot dictate what we write about them and they know that. However, we do appreciate if you choose to use the links to the online casinos that we provide you with on this page. We get a fee when we send a player in to an online casino, but we do not give special treatment to one casino. Therefore the reviews can be considered as trustworthy, and you can see that there are not made any attempts to hide any of the details regarding e.g. the bonuses. If there is a wagering requirement, you can be damn sure that we will mention it in the review. And if the requirement is totally out of line then it will impact on our rating of the online casino. It is extremely important to us to be a serious casino review guide. But in order to cover the costs of running a website, we kindly ask you to consider using our links. That way you can help us to keep our great casino reviews and live roulette content free in the future also.

Live roulette – the future is now

If you for a couple of years ago had said that it would be possible to play roulette with real dealers and in a real casino setting without leaving home then people would have laughed at you. But that is where we are now. Today live casino, in other words, televised online table games with real dealers and opponents, is the up and coming trend. More and more online casinos are now streaming from land-based casinos both in the US but also from Europe. Within Europe a lot of the live roulette games are streamed from Malta, where a lot of casinos and online casino brands are based. But you can sit at home in the UK and play along without any hassle at all.

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While our ambitions may sound lofty we have a vision of becoming the UK’s preferred guide to online casinos and live roulette. We know that we are new but we are constantly trying to improve. Of course, it will take time, but we hope that you want to follow us on our journey and meanwhile of course get access and knowledge about the greatest online casinos and providers of live roulette. If you want to give us suggestions or feedback then we are always happy to listen to what you have to say, and we take all requests seriously.

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Now to the fun part. If you’ve managed to read all the way down to here, then we know that you are ready to play some live roulette, or perhaps some online slots. Whatever floats your boat you can find it in the casino reviews in this casino guide. So take a look at our Casino top 10 or go the review section. There you will find both the famous casinos and the lesser-known gems. You can find exclusive bonuses and information on everything from accepted payment methods to wagering requirements and customer support. In other words, you can get the full picture of an online casino by reading our casino reviews. Not too shabby, eh? Now get to it and who knows – Maybe you are the next jackpot millionaire from playing casino online?